Failure Analysis of composite materials: 3 questions to our expert


The growth rate of composite materials is 6% to 7% a year. They are used in a wide range of sectors, from aeronautics to health, often as a replacement for metals. However, the design of composite parts is far more complex than that of their metal counterparts, and there are just as many different types …


Cetim and Bureau Veritas join forces to support the development of the hydrogen industry


At the Hyvolution trade fair, Bureau Veritas and Cetim signed a partnership agreement intended to support the development of industrial players in the French hydrogen industry by addressing the entire value chain. It’s official! Cetim and Bureau Veritas have joined forces to support the development of the French hydrogen industry. Based on their highly complementary …


Failure Analysis of heavy industry equipment: 3 questions to our expert


In heavy industry, half of all failures are caused by errors in the design or selection of materials, while 40% are caused by operational conditions. The remaining 10% arise from external factors. The objective of failure analysis is to understand the root causes of these problems in order to improve the reliability, safety and efficiency …


In-depth look, Residual Life Assessment (RLA): 3 questions to our expert


In Europe, more than 50% of the funding earmarked for infrastructure development is allocated to the maintenance and modernisation of existing facilities. This means that there is a growing interest in assessing the Residual Life Assessment (RLA) of facilities. These assessments provide industrial manufacturers in all sectors with information about the overall condition of their …


Cetim Academy® trainings’s value chain: to successfully integrate plastics and composites within your company


Cetim introduces a new way of approaching employee skills development by offering a value chain view of training. This new approach allows companies to quickly visualise all the training and skills required to successfully integrate plastics and composites into their applications. Plastic and composite materials open up a wide range of options such as weight …


Expert interview: “More than a simple diagnosis, Failure analysis is a driver of progress”


Besides the product or system breakage aspect, the methodologies of failure analysis can be used as part of a risk management approach and a real driver of progress. This is what Bruno Vandenberghe, in charge of failure analysis activities at Cetim, underlines in an interview published in the last edition of Cetim info Magazine. Failure …


JEC Composites Innovation Award 2023 : Cetim, winner of the “Aerospace – Process” category with its SPIDE TP process


Cetim is the winner of the JEC Composites Innovation Awards 2023, in the “Aerospace – Process” category, for the manufacture of a Krueger flap designed in thermoplastic composite, within the framework of the European R&D project SWING*, part of the European Clean Sky 2 programme, for more efficient wings and more efficient aircraft. After the …


The JEC Composites Innovation Awards: Cetim, proud to be part of the 2023 official finalists


Cetim is part of the 30 finalists of the Jec Composites Innovation Awards in the category “Aerospace – process” with the manufacture of an innovative Krueger wing flap in thermoplastic composite. After the exceptional 2022 edition, JEC World, the leading international trade show dedicated to composite materials, their manufacturing technologies and application markets, will take …


Guide for the recycling and ecodesign of composites available now in English for download !


IFTH, Cetim and IPC pooled their expertise to support manufacturers in their circular economy initiatives by publishing a Guide for the recycling and ecodesign of composites, now available in English for download on the Cetim website.   In 2016, the Crecof (French Composite Recycling Committee) issued the first composite recycling guide, jointly financed by IPC …


A new joint laboratory dedicated to control of joining technologies


With the Laboratory for control of joining technologies (LAMA), a laboratory operated in conjunction with INSA Toulouse, Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier University, CNRS, IMT Mines Albi and ISAE-Supaero, Cetim strengthens its ties with the academic world in this specialised field, to serve the needs of manufacturers. Increasing environmental requirements have led to the design …


News Release: Safran launches Explore H2 program to identify & develop hydrogen-focused startups


Safran has launched its Explore H2 program to spot and support startups and forge cooperation for its hydrogen-related R&T and innovation projects. The first group of selected startups will focus on four areas: hydrogen flow control in propulsion systems, hydrogen state and temperature control, real-time systems monitoring, and aviation fuel cells. Hydrogen offers an attractive solution …


An agreement with Dassault Aviation for composites


Dassault Aviation and Cetim signed a framework agreement last June concerning the manufacturing of composite specimens and tomography controls of large-sized parts for a 5 year period. Dassault Aviation relies on Cetim for its services of specimen manufacturing and tomography control of composite parts. Last June, this trust was materialized by the signature of a …


Hydrogen: Cetim invests €25M to make the mechanical industry a major contributor !


With the launch of the HyMEET project, the mechanical engineering industry ensures the technological mastery required by hydrogen at gaseous & liquid states. The mechanical industry is involved at all stages of the hydrogen value chain. For ensuring its production, distribution and use in multiple applications, all the fluidic components and sytems as pipes, tanks, …


Mechanical engineering at the heart of future healthcare


Providing better, faster treatments, adapting to the characteristics of each patient… the medical and pharmaceutical industries face major challenges to enable populations to live longer in good health. Mechanical engineering and Cetim play a decisive role in the constant quest for excellence. Enabling humans to live longer in good health. Such is today’s — and …


Cetim lands on Mars


Thales called on Cetim’s expertise to check the leak-tightness of the laser equipping the Supercam, the Perseverance rover’s “eyes” on the Mars 2020 mission. After Curiosity, it is now Perseverance, the new Mars rover that is making use of Cetim’s know-how. Cetim had been asked to conduct leak-tightness tests on the laser of Curiosity’s ChemCam …


Learning to combine fatigue analysis with finite element calculations


A new training session has been added to the Cetim Academy catalogue, focusing on the techniques used to effectively model a part for the purposes of fatigue analysis and to optimise the stress calculation-life calculation sequence. Designing finite element simulation models suitable for fatigue analysis and identifying the most appropriate approach to fatigue based on …


Secure your shift to e-mobility!


From design to optimizing production processes, to validation, Cetim steps up to help automotive industry players meet the challenges of electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles. – Watch the video of our state-of-the-art equipment ! – Emissions reductions are driving the automotive industry to reinvent itself! The car emissions target announced for 2050 of 23gCO2/km represents …


Cetim extends the scope of its Cofrac accreditation for implants


The laboratory already holds accreditation for dental and hip implant testing, and is now adding several knee and vertebral column implants, as well as benefitting from a flexible FLEX2 type scope. It’s official! Cofrac, the French accreditation committee has extended the scope of Cetim’s biomechanical test laboratory accreditation (No. 1.1006) for implant testing. This accreditation …


The programme of the Cetim Academy International Web-discoveries for 2021 is now online!


On the agenda: 13 free webinars open to everyone, to discover or review the latest progress in the key technologies of the Industry 4.0. Green and energy transition, manufacturing & monitoring, engineering, testing & simulation, characterisation & materials… in 2021, the 13 discovery webinars created by Cetim Academy will address subjects of concern for companies …


PaCE@NTU and Cetim collaborate to strengthen the knowledge of mechanical industries


The Centre for Professional and Continuing Education at Nanyang Technological University Singapore (PaCE@NTU) partners with Cetim to provide advanced engineering courses and professional development for the workforce to meet future challenges. NTU’s Engineering & Technology was ranked 4th position in the world and 1st position in Asian order rank according to the 11th QS World …