Cetim extends the scope of its Cofrac accreditation for implants

Cetim extends the scope of its Cofrac accreditation for implants

The laboratory already holds accreditation for dental and hip implant testing, and is now adding several knee and vertebral column implants, as well as benefitting from a flexible FLEX2 type scope.

It’s official! Cofrac, the French accreditation committee has extended the scope of Cetim’s biomechanical test laboratory accreditation (No. 1.1006) for implant testing. This accreditation now includes testing under standards NF ISO 7206-10, ASTM F2077, and ASTM F3292 and NF ISO 14879-1 on intervertebral cages, femoral heads and tibial components, in addition to femoral components for hip prostheses and dental implants. It is important to take note that the Cetim laboratory is the first in France to hold accreditation for fatigue testing on tibial components.

In addition to this extension, the laboratory now benefits from a flexible FLEX2 type scope, which allows it to self-accredit its existing accredited activities between two Cofrac evaluations. In real terms, this recognition of its ability to manage test processes and methods will allow it to adapt to test requirements more rapidly under Cofrac accreditation. Once again, Cetim is the first biomechanical laboratory to hold this accreditation in France.

Information on the scope of accreditation No. 1.1006 awarded to the biomechanical laboratory for mechanical implant testing, and that of other Cofrac accreditations held by Cetim entities is available on www.cofrac.fr and can be consulted on our French web site.