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Cetim Academy® trainings’s value chain: to successfully integrate plastics and composites within your company

Training Cetim Academy

Cetim introduces a new way of approaching employee skills development by offering a value chain view of training. This new approach allows companies to quickly visualise all the training and skills required to successfully integrate plastics and composites into their applications.

Plastic and composite materials open up a wide range of options such as weight reduction, durability, new design and recyclability and have now become indispensable in many sectors. Cetim Academy offers industrial manufacturers a “value chain” approach that allows them to quickly view all training courses and skills required to successfully integrate plastics and composites in their applications. This overview will enable the controlled management of their training plans so that their employees can acquire the necessary knowledge as part of their current projects and future developments.

This training package of +25 courses is structured around five themes: materials; design; controlled manufacturing; part finishing and decoration; failure analysis. These courses are provided by men and women in the field who are fully conversant with the constraints of businesses and the applicable regulations. They also work on R&D projects to create more high-performance and environmentally responsible processes. For example, Cetim’s experts are working on major topical projects associated with the use of hydrogen. Their aim is to provide companies with the keys to integrate these new technological solutions as effectively as possible.

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