Failure Analysis

More than a simple diagnosis, failure analysis brings input to boost your competitiveness!

The average cost of non-conformity to quality, which resulted in losses, waste, repairs and disruptions, has been assessed at up to 15% of turnover of most industrial firms.   

Yet, only one in four companies truly understand the importance of Failure Analysis to help them reduce or eliminate such consequences!

Cetim and Matcor, Cetim’s Singaporean subsidiary, are reputable with proven track records in Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering investigations covering all industrial sectors. We are the independent specialist in ascertaining the root cause of failures to help you reduce OPEX and CAPEX by providing solutions to improve safety at your workplace, reliability and availability of your equipment and facilities.

With Cetim well established in France and Matcor strategically located in Singapore, we are able to deploy our specialists promptly to answer your imminent needs World-wide.

Beyond diagnosis, our experts can support you right up to the implementation of corrective or improved measures.

Renowned to be 

  • Indepedent with Integrity
  • Innovative with state of the art resources such as 3D scanners, drones, robotics, digitalisation, 3D simulation, non-destructive testing, tomography etc …
  • IIoT solutions provider for residual life assessment, establishing predictive maintenance schedule, extension of life of pressured equipment and machineries, monitoring and providing innovative solutions.

Failure Analysis expertise and Cetim in few figures

Some customer testimonials

  • Nam Theun : Rapid analyse on a hydroelectric power plant
  • EDF : Real time monitoring of power plant penstocks
  • SFMCP : Expert investigation of a century-old waterwheel
  • Sycabel : Master the life of electric cables
  • Tractebel : Expert investigation of gates for a dam in Morocco
  • Tractebel : Diagnosis of a giant drain valve
  • Kelvion : Experts helping to optimise welding
  • Perenco : Comprehensive investigation on a refinery equipment
  • STIR : Assessing integrity and repairability
  • CGG : Adapting teeth to strain
  • TOTAL : Detecting micro leaks on exchanger
  • TOTAL : Investigations after a break of a chain mesh 

Read the interview of our Expert, Bruno Vandenberghe, pusblished in the Cetim Info Magazine N°265

For more information, please contact our expert: / +33 (0)9 70 821 680