Diagnosis of a giant drain valve


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Safe Life Extension

" Nicolas Crocheton " — Tractebel, Hydromechanical engineer

"We called on Cetim further to the positive feedback from a similar project carried out by its teams on a Moroccan dam. Cetim’s work was professional and highly qualified"

Customer needs

As a part of a large-scale renovation programme, need to evaluate the condition of a drain valve (40 tons) and the metal pipe located downstream and upstream of the valve

Customer benefits

A unique partner for an overall diagnosis of the valve
An Optimal analysis by mastering the many innovative NDT teochnologies
An accelerated and reliable diagnosis campaign by coupling physical measurements and simulation

Cetim answer

A comprehensive diagnosis based on multi-skill project engineering :
dimensional measurements, flatness measurements, NDT, metallurgical analysis by optical emission spectroscopy, 3D modelling, finite element calculations

Delivered results

  • Welding inspection
  • Chemical analysis of steels
  • Validation of the guiding and sealing of the gate leaf
  • Validation of sizing compliance in terms of safety and regulatory requirements