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Operational Performance

Olivier Bonin — Sycabel, Technical Manager

We regulary work with Cetim, for training purposes or for assistance or consulting during our welding operations. Cetim's expertise in this field is recognised internationally and it is very reassuring for us to know that we can rely on the efficiency and quick response of Cetim's experts

Customer needs

Understand the root cause of the cracks which suddenly appeared on the nickel-based alloy manifolds of dry coolers. Processes and technologies perfectly mastered until now.

Customer benefits

The expert analysis carried out by Cetim rapidly revealed the root causes of these cracks found on the weld beads and also allowed implementation of corrective solutions : welding thin parts by the modification of the process and the bevels of the parts by reducing the welding energy.

Cetim answer

Through a 5M approach to determine the causes and effects, several analyses (NDT, metallographic sections, scanning electron microscope examinations, etc.) have been carried out.

Delivered results

Analyses have shown that the thickness of the new thinner parts resulted in excessively slow cooling in the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), with the appearance of hot cracking.