Comprehensive investigation on a refinery equipment


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Operational Performance

Marlon Ayala Matus — Perenco, Group Assets Integrity Manager

Cetim,a known and trusted partner, is a wrold-renowned comprehensive testing centre

Customer needs

Identify the root causes of the failures (cracks and material leaks) found on the dome of the oil distillation tower of a refinery in Guatemala and provide a long-term solution to limit production shutdown

Customer benefits

In less than three months, thanks to the mobilization of Cetim’s global expertise, the customer obtained a diagnosis of the failures, operational recommendations and support in the implementation of an optimized maintenance.

Reduction of costs caused by production shutdown

Cetim answer

Mobilization of Cetim’s multi-skilled teams (failure analysis, materials, welding, etc.) in order to analyze the part in terms of corrosion, materials and welds (morphological analysis of degradation, microfractographic examinations with SEM, metallographic examinations, Vickers hardness measurement, chemical analysis, etc.).

Delivered results

The analysis of the parts allowed the origin of the causes of corrosion and the appearance of cracks to be understood. Cetim’s experts also recommended to use another more resistant steel grade to rebuild the dome but also to review the long-term repair strategy.