Rapid analyse on a hydroelectric power plant


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Laurent Jupin — Deputy Head of the power plant's maintenance departement

In our industry, this type of work calls for a high level of responsiveness and in this case everything was done quickly.

Customer needs

Guarantee a maximum availability rate of the hydroelectric power plant, Nam Theun 2, composed of six turbines that rotate 6,000h/year.

Following the first complete visit of the “group 4” having uncovered linear indicators on the braking track, the operator wanted to understand the sources of defects and therefore decided to deepen the investigations.

Customer benefits

  • Maximum reactivity with on-site intervention in a few days by Matcor, CETIM’s Singaporean subsidiary.
  • The operator also benefited from all the expertise of the CETIM group

Cetim answer

Matcor a Singaporean subsidiary of CETIM, carried out during an on-site intervention, metallurgical replicas of the runway by fingerprinting and repatriated them to Singapore for laboratory analysis.

Delivered results

The examinations show the presence of metal folds and microcracks due to heating, without the need to replace the components.

The analysis proves that the group can continue to be used without risk.