Master the life of electric cables


Extension of service life and maintenance optimization of structures + Maximizing Profitability + Developing high efficiency & reliability machines


Safe Life Extension

Philippe Giffard — Sycabel, Technical Manager

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Cetim as they are able to design a suitable testing method which can also be used to test all the cables which are being designed by manufacturers

Customer needs

Assess the service life of existing electric cables and ancitipate the incoming change to the REACH regulation (involving a total ban on the use of lead in the next generation of electric cables)

Customer benefits

A customized analysis method based on Cetim’s sharp expertise in corrosion
The customer now has a reusable methodology to test new cables

Cetim answer

In order to avoid corrosion, Cetim proposes a dedicated experimental characterization method with notably the realization of environmental and drying cycling tests

Delivered results

Life evaluation of existing networks and anticipation of the evolution of regulations