Société des Forces Motrices de Chancy-Pougny (SFMCP)

Expert investigation of a century-old waterwheel


Extension of service life and maintenance optimization of structures + Maximizing Profitability + Developing high efficiency & reliability machines


Safe Life Extension

Customer needs

In order to keep in operational condition a waterwheel settled in a hydroelectric plant at the last century, SFMCP, the plant’s operator, has chosen to replace four turbines, but to keep the fifth one, which is a 100 years old.
To that end, the company needs to realize different analyses to characterize that turbine and settle the maintenance plan.

Customer benefits

From physical elements and investigations’ results, CETIM has been able to find back the methods of design and production of the work in exploitation in this field and to define the instructions to be applied in order to keep it in operational condition.

Cetim answer

  • CETIM made different analyses for samples taken on one of the replaced wheels (25 tons and 5.5 in diameter): characterization of different moulded or laminated steels, NDT, wheel’s 3D scan.
  • Check of the perfect similarity between the changed wheels and the running wheel before defining the recommendations

Delivered results

Further to these analyses, CETIM has provided a complete report and a technical file of maintenance difining repairs procedures.