Cetim supports vehicle electrification!


Many automakers have expanded their vehicle ranges to include electric and hybrid models and Cetim has invested in new equipment to meet the emerging needs of this sector.

Indeed, Cetim now has a new test bench dedicated to vehicle electrification comprised of a modular battery simulator (current capacity: 105 kW), a charging electrospindle, a hydro-electric plant that controls the lubricant flow rate and temperature and naturally all the measurement instruments needed to qualify the behaviour of the tested motor (current, torque, speed, temperature, etc.). The assembly is controlled by automation software used to adjust the test settings depending on the customer’s specifications and to record the mechanical, thermal and electrical measurements.

This equipment represents an alternative to the complex benches that are primarily offered by foreign players.

Indeed, it focuses on the development needs of electric motors for hybrid or fully electric configurations, enables high motor speeds of up to 15,000 rpm. This new equipement draws on Cetim’s mechanical and control-instrumentation know-how and expert knowledge of hydro-electric generating sets to tailor the bench control system to the specific requirements of engine manufacturers and suppliers alike.


Read more about vehicle electrification and the developments in the automobile sector for 2035 in the white paper “Looking ahead: key trends for the automotive sector”, available for download from the page dedicated to the automotive market.