Faurecia improves its adhesive bonding processes with Cetim’s help

Faurecia Cockpit

The French company relied on Cetim to gain new knowledge required to use adhesive bonding processes in new interactive display solutions.

For Faurecia, French motor vehicle equipment manufacturer, the deployment of interactive display solutions on board vehicles constitutes a major development strategy. 

These displays will undoubtedly bring about changes in user experience, but the adhesive bonding of some of their components is subject to stringent appearance and reliability requirements. Faurecia called on Cetim’s specialists to get help in choosing adhesives and bonding methods and improve its knowledge in this field.

Additionally, as some of the components to be assembled need to feature high optical performance in addition to a high mechanical strength, Cetim provided Faurecia with support throughout a testing phase which allowed the equipment manufacturer to select the adhesives and application techniques suited to each situation.

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