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Cetim at Hyvolution 2024: unlock Hydrogen technological barriers

Cetim at Hyvolution, unlock Hydrogen tehcnological barriers

Meet Cetim’s experts at Hyvolution and discover our services and solutions to adapt your skills, products and equipment to the requirements of hydrogen.

Decarbonated hydrogen is emerging as one of the most promising solutions for meeting the challenges of climate change and the energy transition. In this buoyant context, political and economic players, both national and international, need to work together to share their projects and research. In this way, they are fostering the development of fruitful partnerships likely to boost the industry.

Hyvolution, now a not-to-be-missed event, acts as an accelerator and a professional platform, a real commercial, international and political focal point.

Cetim, a key player in the deployment of hydrogen for industry on booth 6G30

Meet Cetim’s experts on booth 6G30 and discover the main advances of HyMEET, the “major strategic hydrogen project for the French mechanical engineering industry”, officially launched at the beginning of February 2022 by Cetim, to provide consultancy, support and training services to all manufacturers, in order to help them adjust their products and equipment to the requirements of hydrogen:

  • Comply with the technological, normative & regulatory evolutions
  • Characterize materials & functions for H2 applications (sealing technologies, hydrogen embrittlement, cryogenic behaviour)
  • Evaluate H2 impact on existing equipment and process
  • Support for the development and industrialisation of fluidic equipment
  • Assistance with production reliability and cost reduction
  • Enhance skills development with our Cetim Academy® training courses

Discover unique new equipment part of our HyMEET programme, among them:

  • A cryogenic thermomechanical analyser (TMA) : the only equipment of its kind in France, this analyser can characterise the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of materials from -269°C to +220°C!
  • HySPIDE TP® : this new machine acquired by Cetim will break records in tape laying speed for the production of composite tanks. Its core area of focus is the manufacture of hydrogen tanks for clean mobility.

Since its launch, HyMEET has contributed to:

  • 4 application R&D projects :
    • hydrogen and fluid equipment
    • sealing of fluidic equipment
    • construction codes and pressure equipment
    • hydrogen embrittlement
  • 6 theses
  • 12 collaborative projects at European and national level, including :
    • TROPHY (follow-up of the HYDEA project to develop a direct hydrogen injection turbojet engine)
    • the European THOR project, aimed at producing thermoplastic composite tanks for hydrogen-powered vehicles, has made significant progress towards the industrialisation of such components
    • H2 Tech and Stohyc (STOckage d’HYdrogène Cryogénique) projects with players in the aeronautics industry to develop an H2 engine demonstrator for aeronautics
    • The AIDHY project, part of the PEPR H2 program, to provide decision support for project developers, regulators, local authorities, third-party guarantors and manufacturers
    • Various projects on the integrity of piping and sealing systems for gas distribution networks
    • Partnership with the CEA to accelerate deployment of the hydrogen value chain in France
  • Numerous industrial collaborations, in particular with :
    • Vallourec on the assessment of the tightness of connections
    • TechnipFMC on the qualification of metallic and polymer materials for flexible H2 risers.
    • SubSea 7 on a state-of-the-art study of the production, transport and storage of hydrogen from offshore wind turbines.

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