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Jec World 2024: join the worldwide composites community, meet with Cetim’s experts

Cetim at JEC WORLD 2024

At Jec World 2024, on Cetim booth 6E107, a special focus on solutions related to recyclability, clean mobility & hydrogen

Join Cetim’s experts on its booth and learn more on its latest advances, focusing in particular on composite applications linked to hydrogen and recycling. On the agenda this year: exhibition of new demonstrators resulting from its R&D – presentation of new equipment unique in France – update on collaborative projects in which the Centre is involved – presence of its multi-disciplinary experts throughout the show for B2B and technical meetings.

Discover Cetim’s services and solutions for the successful integration of composites into your industrial applications!

From design & engineering, advanced manufacturing, testing, to recyling/LCA and training, Cetim’s multi-disciplinary experts have been supporting manufacturers for over 40 years in deploying composites and improving the performance of their products. Cetim’s 120 dedicated experts cover the entire composites value chain, providing comprehensive support for all issues, whatever their level of maturity.

Keep up to date with the R&D progress of national and european collaborative projects in which our experts are involved

  • STOHYC (STOckage d’HYdrogène Cryogénique) project of the AirBus ZEROe program.
  • Progress on the THOR (Thermoplastic Hydrogen tanks Optimised and Recyclable) project.

Take advantage of Cetim’s new equipment, unique in France, for qualifying and manufacturing composite products for your H2 applications

  • A cryogenic thermomechanical analyzer (TMA), unique equipment in France for characterizing the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of all types of materials from -269°C to +220°C.
  • HySPIDE TP, Cetim’s new robotized system for manufacturing hydrogen tanks which breaks records in tape laying speed.

Exchange with our experts on our new demonstrators

Among Cetim’s new demonstrators that meet the challenges of lightweighting, recyclability, performance optimization for the energy and clean mobility markets:

  • The Krueger Flap made from TP composites, manufactured with Cetim’s SPIDE TP® process, and awarded at the JEC Composites Innovations Awards 2023 in the “Aerospace/Process” category.
  • An Aircraft technical access hatch panel made from recycled composites in a closed-loop, manufactured with the new version of Cetim’s awarded Thermosaïc® recycling process.
    The innovation lies in Cetim’s new version of Thermosaïc®, which recovers waste from the production of aircraft fuel tank access hatches made from carbon-PPS composites for the manufacture of technical access hatches which require lower mechanical constraints. Cetim’s recycling process thus offers an economical alternative to virgin materials, with a significant reduction in carbon footprint, thanks to the reuse of +70% of waste in a closed-loop.
    Part of the TERRA PRETA project, a collaboration between Cetim, SOGECLAIR, Airbus and Safran Seats.
    Demonstrators also visible on the SOGECLAIR booth 6Q100 and on the Jec Innovation Planet.
  • A high-pressure H2 storage tank in thermoplastic composite from Cetim R&D
    A 63L tank for clean mobility applications, capable of storing 2.6kg of hydrogen, manufactured with Cetim’s HySPIDE TP. This tank is designed using Cetim’s optimized design and calculation methods, which combine material specificities with process advantages, notably limiting over-layers at the dome level by reducing excess material thickness and lowering the tank’s overall mass.

All our services:

  • Innovative concept, technico-economic feasibility study
  • Design-to-cost, part dimensioning, process simulation
  • Development and industrialization of innovative manufacturing processes with :
    • QSP®, high-speed composite production line – Jec Award 2015
    • Spide TP® laser tape placement process (LATP) – Jec Award 2023
    • HySPIDE TP, Cetim’s new robotized system for manufacturing H2 tanks
  • Multimaterial assembly: from technology selection to validation
  • Customized test benches, multiphysical testing, simulation
  • Characterization and qualification of structures and components
  • Non-destructive testing, production monitoring (testing)
  • Failure analysis, expert examination of parts and paints
  • Innovative technologies for thermoplastic composite recycling with the Thermosaïc® process – Jec Award 2018
  • Nearly 30 Cetim Academy® training programs dedicated to composites covering the entire value chain: materials, design, manufacturing/control, finishing, failure analysis, QHSE, recycling, …

For more information on our expertise in composite: