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How to overcome the industrial Valves challenges to secure your critical applications?


Industrial valves manufacturers and users, discover the latest advances in dimensioning/simulation and functional characterization to improve process performance, condition monitoring and maintenance effectiveness!

Attend our web-discovery on December the 16th
from 10am to 12am CET.

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The industrial valve is a component which requires a high technical level to meet the constraints and challenges of critical applications. While valve manufacturers and users need to ensure improvement and in-service reliability of their products to increase their lifetime, the production rates and costs need to remain competitive.

Cetim experts present the tools in design/dimensioning, characterization
and qualification available to industrials
to meet those challenges in fields such as Oil & Gas, energy, chemicals and water/environment sectors.

About our speakers :
Emmanuel Sauger is an expert in characterization of valve tightness, fugitive emissions, tests in extreme conditions and Convenor of the
ISO TC153 WG5 working group (Fugitive Emissions)
Cédric Alzard is an expert in valve dimensioning and service simulation

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