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Enhanced knowledge of predictive maintenance


Discover the “value chain” training approach offered by Cetim to anticipate the upskilling of employees and guarantee controlled management of training plans.

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As digital technologies have become more and more widespread, maintenance tasks have also changed dramatically. What skills do you need to integrate within your company to optimise its production from the management of maintenance tasks through to analysing the impact on manufactured products?

The “value chain” training approach offered by Cetim’s training experts is designed to answer this question. Through the courses offered by Cetim Academy®, you can anticipate the upskilling of your employees to meet current and future needs and guarantee controlled management of their training plans.

With this approach, teams have a common knowledge base by which to introduce predictive maintenance in the company. As such, the predictive maintenance value chain makes it possible to identify the skills and resources that are required to thoroughly understand the state of machines through their instrumentation and networking.

The predictive maintenance training value chain is broken down into five categories:

1- organisation, management and strategy;

2- networks, sensors and inspection methods;

3- data collection and analysis;

4- monitoring;

5- production.

Instructors offer upgradable courses which include the latest regulations and technological innovations such as the use of interconnected sensors. The data from these sensors will be analysed and the information reported to operators, who can implement monitoring strategies to prevent breakdowns and reduce production costs.

To learn more on this approach and our training offer dealing with predictive maintenance :

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