Industry 4.0

Meet Cetim Maroc at World Maintenance 4.0 Summit -11/12 May 2023 in Marrakech


Under the aegis of the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, the Maintenance 4.0 Custer invites you to the World Maintenance 4.0 Summit (WMS), the first initiative dedicated to industry and digital in Morocco.

The first edition of the World Maintenance Summit will open its doors on 11 and 12 May 2023 in Marrakech, at the UM6P Centre in Morocco. This event is an opportunity to exchange with experts at the forefront of Industry 4.0 on maintenance strategies, equipment and solutions for the manufacturing industry. Meet Cetim Maroc and its experts on its booth and during the conferences and workshops proposed by the World Maintenance Summit!

Conferences and workshops: Take part in the conference of Mr Karim Cheikh, Cetim Maroc’s General Manager and GIMAS President

Through the WMS conferences and workshops, participants can explore a wide range of topics, from predictive analysis to machine learning, and discover how they can be applied in real-life scenarios. By participating in workshops and interactive sessions with the attending experts, participants can also gain practical experience and strengthen their skills.

Mr Karim Cheikh, Cetim Maroc’s General Manager and GIMAS President, will lead a conference on the theme of “Industry 4.0 for Industrial Maintenance“. (Date and time to come).

Networking: meet Cetim’s experts

The World Maintenance Summit offers a forum for networking and collaboration. By connecting with other industry professionals, participants can share their knowledge and experiences, learn from others and establish partnerships that can lead to long-term success.

Cetim Maroc’s experts are at your disposal throughout this event to discuss your projects and share its solutions and services to:

  • Control the integrity of your assets
  • Set up an optimal monitoring and predictive maintenance strategy for your equipment, machines and processes, notably through IIoT
  • Ensure the failure analysis of your equipment
  • Ensure your staff’s skills upgrading with Cetim Academy® training


“Make Morocco a hub for expertise and innovation
in maintenance and industrial digitization”!

About the Maintenance 4.0 Cluster

Created on December 5, 2021, as the first Cluster in Morocco of maintenance and industrial digitalization. The CM4.0 Cluster mainly aims at gathering several national actors around the sharing of good practices, the increase in competence, competitiveness and attractiveness, the defense of their common interests, as well as the prospecting of new markets through innovative collaborative projects. The 9 founding members of this Cluster are OCP, Cetim, Maghreb Steel, the Digital Development Agency, UM6P, ENSA Safi, OCP MS, MBTEC and the CRI of Marrakech-Safi.