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A unique offer in Europe for the qualification of nuclear equipment


Naval Group, the European leader in naval defence, and Cetim entered into a technological cooperation agreement aimed at creating a European reference in nuclear equipment testing.

Creating a unique offer for the qualification of nuclear equipment in Europe and intended to industrial manufacturers, such is the ambition of Cetim and Naval Group with the technological cooperation agreement entered into on the 27 thof February 2019. With this agreement signed by their representatives, namely Emmanuel de Lauzon, the Manager of Cetim’s site of Nantes, and Jean-Luc France, the Manager of the Naval Group’s site of Nantes-Indret(see photo), the two partners intend to foster the development of services by implementing a joint offer based on the pooling of their expertise and the industrial resources of the European naval defence leader.

A partnership already very strong

For several years, Cetim has been providing its customers with a specific testing offer that relied on the availability of Naval Group’s nuclear testing facility. The services are carried out, in particular, with the water/steam test loops and the hyperbaric chambers dedicated to the simulation of equipment used at depths of over 2,000 meters. This certified tool allows the European naval defence leader to test components of nuclear steam supply systems installed on board its submarines, components such as gates or valves.

This agreement is a win-win deal which will open new horizons with a joint offer. For Naval Group, “by pooling our commercial and industrial forces, we will meet the requirements of our skill retention policy and strengthen our development dynamics”, says Jean-Luc France. And for Cetim, “this offer supplements our range of testing services for the nuclear sector and confirms our expertise in this field”, says Emmanuel de Lauzon.