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Testimonial Anthoine Bernard & Fils: A “smarter” workshop

Anthoine Bernard & Fils

 With Cetim’s support, the SME equipped its fleet of machine tools to collect and process data in order to increase its efficiency and allow its machine operators to focus on their know-how. 

Anthoine Bernard et Fils, a company located in Scionzier (Haute-Savoie, France), took up the double challenge of improving overall performance of its workshop and allowing operators to avoid wasting time on tasks that do not bring added value. The company achieved this by making its machines “talk”. The family-owned SME specialises in the machining and bar turning of parts, primarily for the medical sector. In 2021, in an effort to improve the industrial performance of the company as regards both productivity and quality, the company’s executive management focused on adapting the workshop to make it “smart”. The aim is to move away from a simple feeling and to use objective data. “This meant that we had to connect our machines and have a centralised data system to be able to use them, better analyse the existing system and set up improvement actions”, stated Antony Franquet, technical manager. All this while keeping things as simple and transparent as possible. “The idea was to retrieve the information directly from the numerical control without adding an extra console on machines that are complicated enough as it is”, he added.

Reporting useful data 

This transparency was also put to the service of humans. “We wanted a tool that would be beneficial to users, management and operators alike, in order to avoid administrative tasks that take them away from their real added value”, explained the technical manager. 

The SME asked Cetim to define the need, analyse the fleet of machine tools and select the appropriate hardware and software solutions for the connectivity and configuration of the solution. “An NC machine processes a lot of data. If you want to be relevant, you have to report only what you need. Cetim helped us especially with that aspect”, stated Antony Franquet. 

The system is now in place. It reports all types of information directly from the NCs: operating status, machine counters, number of discards, corrector modifications as well as machine alarms to better determine the causes of malfunctions. The technical manager also plans to use information from the machines to take things a step further, including implementing predictive maintenance of his fleet. 

Cetim’s asset

 Thorough knowledge of machine tools and numerical controls, as well as independence with regard to the providers of technological solutions. Experience in supporting the implementation of information collection and feedback solutions. 

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