Laroche and Cetim strengthen their partnership in process engineering.


Laroche and Cetim took a step closer to each other at the Paris-Le Bourget Air Show 2019. Two years after signing a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), the engineering company and Cetim signed a contract on 18 June 2019 regarding a commercial partnership with the aim to collectively develop engineering services for the manufacturing industry over the next five years. Cetim brings its experience in developing special processes and collaborative project engineering, whilst Laroche Group, for its part, brings its expertise in production engineering, complex machining and the assembly of aeronautical structures

Above all, this agreement strengthens a collaboration which is already well in place. Since 2017, Laroche and Cetim’s entities have been regularly collaborating in regards to engineering services for businesses in the mechanical engineering sector, from the experimental development stage right through to process engineering in the industrial production phase, as well as the engineering of equipment and production plants in the mechanical sector. “Our collaboration has been working well, therefore we have decided to strengthen our mutual engagements and to collectively establish an offering for joint technical and intellectual services, in order to serve the entire value chain upstream of a stabilised production”, explains Christophe Saint-Denis, who is in charge of industrial engineering at Laroche. These services are aimed at, but not limited to, the aeronautical and space sector. “As part of our MOU, we have assisted Airbus Defence and Space in particular in the creation of a high-precision components workshop in Kazakhstan, and Pyroalliance, a branch of the ArianeGroup, for the study and production of a test bench, as well as EDF, for the study and production of tools. We can therefore intervene in other industrial sectors”, says Gérard Oury, Key Account Manager at Cetim.