Industry 4.0

Free Webinar: Industry 4.0 is over, long live Industry 5.0!

Industry 5.0

Join us on September the 22nd from 3pm to 4.30pm (UTC+8)
during this free webinar organised by Cetim-Matcor!


The transformation of Industry 4.0 trends is impact globally. It has enormous potential effect in many areas and brings significant advantages to organizations.
CETIM understands well the specificities of the SME after 20 years of advising and securing technology transfer in their journey toward Industry 4.0. Nowadays, besides the technological challenges, SME leaders need to address the human capital, the ecological and social challenges.

This webinar will give the key points to support the transformation of the SMEs toward the Industry 5.0.

About our speaker, Vincent Nourrisson, Industrial Transformation expert:
Architect of industry transformation within the Industry of the Future team, at CETIM since 2021. Practitioner of industrial SMEs for more than 20 years through various managerial missions (Commercial, Marketing, Production, Logistics, Purchasing, Finance , HR, R&D) in France and abroad. Vincent supports leaders in their transformation towards the “Industry of the Future” with pragmatism and humanism, to facilitate change management and achieve the company’s strategic objective.