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Siemens and Cetim Join Forces to Boost the Digital Transformation of SMI


At the Digital Industry Summit, the automation giant and the Carnot label technological institute signed a partnership aiming to extend the industry of the future across manufacturing companies in mainland France.

Cetim and Siemens France aim to boost the digital transformation throughout the country. The two organisations have reached a partnership agreement on the spreading of the industry of the future to French firms, signed on 16 October 2018 by Emmanuel Vielliard, Cetim Chairman, and Nicolas Petrovic, Siemens France CEO, at the Digital Industry Summit.

Wide-ranging complementarity
According to Daniel Richet, Cetim director for regional and international development, “We have reached a point in the history of the industry of the future where we must provide firms with real solutions.”Both partners have been members of the Alliance Industrie du futur (AIF) since its creation, and benefit from wide-ranging complementarity. As a reputed operator, known for its historic support for SME, Cetim can contribute its knowledge and understanding of the current climate in the French manufacturing sectors and the field expertise of its teams. Thanks to its input, companies can brainstorm their professions and structures, review their situation, identify their needs, draft a roadmap and prepare funding applications.

Siemens can provide its experience in actual industrial operations and digitalisation projects as well as its technological range via its Digital Enterprise portfolio. “As a pioneer for the 4th industrial revolution, part of the digital era, Siemens is currently providing groups, SME and SMI with innovative, and yet tried and tested, solutions ranging from product and production system design to the analysis of production data, not forgetting human factors relating to skills and restructuring. Siemens’ technological roadmap is clear and sustainable, and can be used to support French industrial operators and ensure the successful completion of their digital transformations as part of the industry of the future,”explained Alain Greffier, Deputy Director for Siemens S.A.S. Division Digital Factory.

This partnership will roll out into the field from the first quarter of 2019.

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