Case Study

Parker Hannifin: Designing quieter heat exchangers


Parker Hannifin carefully selected the characteristics of the components of its new range of motor-driven air-oil heat exchangers. The acoustic tests showed a low noise level and confirmed that the cooling efficiency of the heat exchangers had been preserved. Many construction and agricultural machines as well as many different types of industrial machines and equipment …

Case Study

Iter validates its stainless steel welding operations with Cetim


« One shot » welding: pushing back the limits ! The Iter nuclear fusion reactor that is being built in Saint-Paullez-Durance (Bouches-du-Rhône, France) is one of the most ambitious international projects in the energy sector. With the aim of ratifying future welding operations on complex-shaped stainless steel pipelines installed in confined areas around the reactor …

Case Study

Cegelec CEM selects AFT/Fathom to optimise its nuclear cooling systems


Optimising the sizing and design of nuclear equipment cooling systems requires appropriate high-performance tools. For greater efficiency in its design projects in this area, Cegelec CEM chose AFT/Fathom, a software application distributed by Cetim and specifically developed to calculate pressure drops in incompressible fluid piping networks. After a demonstration of the tool by Cetim experts …

Case Study

A roaring start for ArianeGroup’s Vulcain 2.1 engine… with a bit of help from Cetim!


The engine designed to power the next generation of launchers of the aerospace group passed its first ignition tests. It is equipped with a new part which was validated by hydraulic tests in Cetim’s laboratory. In late July, the Vulcain 2.1 engine which will be used for the first flight of the new Ariane 6 …

Case Study

French national grand prize for engineering: SEGULA Technologies’ REMORA project (offshore energy storage) rewarded


As part of the French national engineering grand prize (GPNI – « Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie »), the global engineering group SEGULA Technologies has just won the Industry and technology consulting prize for its REMORA project. A forward-looking solution for the development of renewable energies which enables energy to be stored under the sea …

Case Study

Renault Self-Accreditation (RSA) extended for Cetim Grand Est


Its’ official! Renault extends its Self-Accreditation for Cetim Grand-Est. This accreditation rewards the know-how Cetim has developed in the automotive field over the last decade, and increases its visibility among suppliers of the sector in France and abroad. Renault Self-Accreditation – Approval by car manufacturers The Renault self-accreditation (RSA) recognises Cetim Grand Est’s ability to …

Case Study

Aeroconseil case study


Customer needs To enhance its expertise in transforming an ATR72 into a cargo aircraft and better serve the needs of its customers, Aeroconseil decided to scan and then model the internal and external fuselage components with accuracy to within 0.2 mm. Customer benefits Cetim Sud-Ouest has the know-how, the scanning systems and all computer data post-processing…