White paper: perspectives on the car of the future


The white paper prepared by Cetim for the automobile sector gives insight into tomorrow’s car by sharing the views of leading sector experts

We’re off to 2035 ! The white paper “Looking ahead : key trends for the automobile sector”, prepared by Cetim, sheds light on what the car of the future will look like. This unprecedented document can be consulted on an equally new page of Cetim’s website dedicated to the Centre’s solutions for the automotive market.

New needs, new solutions !
To keep pace with our changing needs and lifestyles, as well as due to environmental concerns, our current use of passenger cars is on the cusp of being fully revolutionised into a unique experience in comfort and well-being designed to meet all our mobility needs. This revolutionary process will take place in an international context and will involve cleaner and more efficient engines, a greater level of automation and self-driving capabilities for vehicles, in addition to new automotive design and production methods.
How can we achieve the formidable target of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre, including with alternative energy sources ? How can we design vehicles with constantly increasing levels of driving pleasure and comfort, through a relentless drive to decrease noise and vibration ? How can we considerably shorten the development time of new models, while increasing the importance attributed to numerical tests ? How can we create customised vehicles at mass production costs ? How can we train the younger generation to prepare for this transformation ? To answer these crucial questions, this eBook offers the viewpoints of the recognised sector experts who are preparing the automotive revolution. They share their thoughts, their vision of the future and reveal the practical options being explored to support these changes.

The eBook “Looking ahead : key trends for the automobile sector” is available for free download on the page dedicated to our solutions for the automobile sector on our Website.

This ebook has been prepared by Cetim as part of the Carnauto network initiative – a consortium of 9 Carnot Institutes, all major players in France’s publicy-funded research ecosystem – aimed at fostering innovation of companies in the automotive and mobility industry.