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Etim : Leading European laboratory for composite tests !


The Cetim subsidiary now ranks as the leading European laboratory in terms of composite testing accreditations. With 42 Nadcap accreditations, it thereby strengthens the Cetim Testing range of services dedicated to recurrent measurements and tests, particularly for aeronautics.

Etim, European champion of composite tests! By increasing the number of its Nadcap NMMT (Non-Metallic Materials Testing)-accredited “Test Codes” from 25 in 2016 to the current number of 42, the Cetim subsidiary has become the leading laboratory in Europe for composite tests in terms of the number of accreditations.

Accreditations in high demand in the aerospace sector
Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a programme that was established by the major aerospace manufacturers to promote continued improvement in the performance of the various sector players. Its accreditations delivered to test laboratories are recognised and sought after by prime contractors, as they certify the laboratory’s thorough knowledge and technical control of the tests.

Etim leverages on these 42 accreditations to offer its services to aerospace players for tests designed to monitor the manufacturing of composite parts and which cover a wide range that extends from mechanical tests to physical and chemical tests. The laboratory provides a comprehensive package, from the machining of test specimens (Etim also holds two Nadcap-accredited “Fabrication Codes”) to the production of test reports. This range is offered alongside Cetim’s other solutions which include the expert investigation of paints, polymers and composites for industry as a whole.

Enhanced Cetim Testing services
Cetim’s Testing activity represents 40% of its turnover with over € 30 M per year. It aggregates the recurrent measurement and testing services required to develop and characterise the production of mechanical parts, relating to all types of materials, such as composites, polymers or metallic materials, for the transport, energy and mechanical engineering sectors. Cetim Testing is already serving these markets on a national and international level, due, in part, to facilities located in Morocco and Asia.

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