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Join us at the International Conference on Welding and Joining IIW2023!


The IIW 2023 International Conference on Welding and Joining, organized by the Singapore Welding Society will take place at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Convention Centre in Singapore from 16 to 21 July 2023. In conjunction with the IIW Annual Assembly, the conference aims at providing a forum for networking and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, and industry related to welding and joining.

The theme for the IIW2023 International Conference is “Advances in Welding, Joining & Additive Manufacturing”.

Cetim and Cetim-Matcor’s teams will take an active part in this event as sponsor and will be present on booth B16, to demonstrate their on-going commitment to the Welding and Additive Manufacturing Community in Singapore.

During the show, conferences will be hold by Cetim and Cetim Matcor:

Thursday 20th July – 2:00 (PM): Study of Decarburization in Low Carbon Steel Produced by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. Dr Aprilia Aprilia (NTU) and Aishwarya (Cetim-Matcor).

Thursday 20th July – 2:15 (PM): Evaluation of dissimilar steel interface fabricated using wire arc additive manufacturing Wengang Zhai (NTU) and Aishwarya (Cetim-Matcor).

Thursday 20th July – 4:45 (PM): Quantitative Ultrasonic Inspection of Defects in Wire Arc Additively Manufactured Parts with Surface Roughness Dr Xingfang Cai (NTU) and Dr Carla Canturri (Cetim-Matcor).

Friday 21st July – 9:15 (AM): Influence of the Deposition conditions on Industrialization and the Fatigue Life of Parts built with Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Process, by David Plélan, Cetim.

Friday 21st July – 10:00 (AM): Fatigue Test Strategy for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Qualification and Defect Tolerance Analysis Dr Ninian S. K. Ho (NTU) and Dr Ivanna Pivdiablyk (Cetim-Matcor).

Friday 21st July – 10:15 (AM): Evaluation of WAAM Processes through Metallurgy and Mechanical Properties in Mild Carbon Steel, by Aishwarya (Cetim-Matcor).

For more information about the IIW 2023 Conference, click here.

Find here the programme for days 1 and 2:

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