Testimonial RH: More effective brazing processes


RH, the designer and manufacturer of compact, customised hydraulic connections for mobile machinery, enlisted Cetim’s assistance to completely re-engineer its brazing processes.

Our hydraulic connections replace complicated fitting assemblies. Their production requires less energy and raw materials. They therefore have a lower carbon footprint. Nevertheless we would like to take this decarbonisation approach a step further by modernising our brazing processes ”, explained Frédéric Jouet, managing director of RH Raccords Hydrauliques. As a matter of fact, brazing uses a lot of gas and flux, both of which are hazardous and polluting products. RH enlisted Cetim’s assistance for this ambitious project which began with the performance of a thorough audit of the brazing process. From there, an action plan was established and, once validated by RH, was gradually implemented in the following months with constant support from Cetim’s specialists.

Modernised machines 

Step by step, various improvements were made to the three machines which were then fully modernised. The flux gas, considered unnecessary, was therefore eliminated. The gas distribution systems have been streamlined. The configuration, position and working angle of the burners as well as the flame intensity have been optimised. Lastly, the burners have been arranged on motorised XYZ tables. Now, they are accurately and automatically positioned when the coordinates defined for each type of part are input in the control interface. This helps to reduce the machine setting times during series changeovers.

Improved quality

In the end, RH has reduced its flux consumption by 10% and its gas consumption by 35% while improving part quality. “By optimising our flames, we have less defects on our parts. Now, the position of burners is adjusted electrically and we only have two valves to adjust the air and gas flows. This makes for easier adjustments and improves working conditions ”, announced Sandra Choupin, head of the production workshop.

Cetim’s asset

Drawing on its thorough expertise in brazing, Cetim helps industrial manufacturers to select solutions that harness the strength of this joining method while adopting processes and implementation conditions that are more suited to the industrial context and thereby improving productivity, quality and energy efficiency.

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