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Testimonial Laroche Industries: A breakthrough innovation in fuselage inspections

Laroche Industries

The manufacturer has developed a new device for the contactless inspection of aircraft “skins” thus freeing operators from a repetitive task. This innovative project was carried out with the support of Cetim’s specialists.

Goodbye to visual inspections and manual data entry! For the inspection of aircraft fuselages, Laroche Industries is banking on automation with Scapiscan, a contactless inspection device that can analyse 100% of the components and keep a digital record.

An increased need for inspections

It all started when Laroche Industries needed additional inspections in its aeronautics operations. Upon setting up its project, the manufacturer asked Cetim for assistance in the process. After a thorough review of current knowledge on the subject, they launched an innovation project focusing on a vision sensor-based technology. Cetim steered Laroche Industries towards an SME specialising in vision technology and also provided advice on finding the right funding, namely the Industry of the Future projects led by the Hauts-de-France region.

Five times faster ins-pections

Throughout the project “a focal point at Cetim guided us and advised us,” stated Arnaud Soulet, Business Development Manager. Following an overview of current developments, we launched a survey on robo-tisation solutions, followed by the actual development work. The result seems to be up to the task. “In terms of the actual inspection itself, it is now five times faster than before,” explained Arnaud Soulet. In addition, “Based on the generated image, we will be able to process and categorise the information and produce a complete report on the entire surface and not only the defects that need to be reported,” remarked the Manager.

Two years of hard work rewarded

The application file was compiled in 2019 and submitted to the committee in mid 2020, however there were delays due to the Covid 19 pandemic. In the end, the project was officially launched in autumn 2020 with support from external experts, including an ergonomic designer and 3D printing specialists for the creation of the prototype. The team released a first working prototype in autumn 2021, which has won over the industry. Laroche Industries has its sights set on a market of a few dozen products. “Ultimately, as developments are made and perhaps expanded to other defects or other business sectors or industries, we may consider a larger development,” announced Arnaud Soulet.

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Cetim’s asset

Cetim’s team dedicated to innovation projects can assist manufacturers throughout the entire process: monitoring, project set up, including search for financing, and the design of innovative solutions through to the manufacturing of a prototype.

About Laroche Industries

Laroche Industries is a subsidiary of the Laroche Group that specialises in high added value airframe structures and assembly tooling for the aerospace and defence sectors.

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