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Monitoring pressurised ducts: a video of the Sidcof solution Process

Monitoring pressurised ducts: a video of the Sidcof solutionProcess

A video reveals the secrets of the remote monitoring system for the pressurised ducts of the hydropower dams developed by Cetim as part of a collaborative project tested in actual conditions over several months in a mountainous environment.

Steep slopes, difficult access, isolated environments, extreme thermal stresses, unstable rocky areas, etc. in mountain areas, the pressurised ducts of hydropower plants face complex conditions which make through-life support particularly hazardous. As part of the Sidcof collaborative project labelled by the “Pôle Eau and Tenerrdis” competitive clusters and including the engineering firm, Setec, the robotics integrator, Sub C Marine, the sheet metal worker, ETE, the operator of the Soréa hydropower plant and Cetim, the laboratory developed an innovative device able to monitor these high perched ducts, with no need to send personnel to the site

In less than 5 minutes, a video explains the needs of operators, the proposed solution and its functions, and details the role played by Cetim in the development of the device tested over several months in actual conditions at the “Les Moulins” hydropower plant, in the French Savoy region.

Check out the Youtube Cetim France channel to view  the video “Monitoring pressurised ducts: the Sidcof solution”(translation available via youtube tools)

For more information on the Sidcof project and the technology implemented :