French Mechanical Industry supports the Future European Aerospace Research towards Green Aviation


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“How French Mechanical Industry supports the Future European Aerospace Research towards Green Aviation ? “

Aeronautics must respond to 3 challenges – environmental, economic and societal – that require and justify an unprecedented R&T effort.

This sector is strongly committed to the energy transition and the reduction of its environmental impacts. In response to market expectations, the manufacturing tool must evolve in technicality and productivity to reduce acquisition and operating costs while preserving margins. The Supply Chain, especially SMEs, must continue to develop its skills in a highly competitive environment.

Cetim, the Technical Center of Mechanical Industry, is historically a technological partner of the aeronautics industry. Thanks to its strong R&T and as a provider of dedicated solutions and services, Cetim contributes to the emergence of innovative solutions allowing to reach the ambitious objectives of this industrial sector, in connection with “green aviation”.

Three examples of R&T partnerships to illustrate this proximity in the development of “green aviation” were presented during the webinar :

  • Hydrogen is a key element for the energy transition in aeronautics with the goal of a carbon neutral aircraft by 2035.Having cryogenic hydrogen tanks made of composite materials at a controlled cost is the objective of the material/product/process developments currently underway.
  • Original solutions combining advanced composite materials, innovative thermoforming processes and original product/process design methods have been developed to meet the challenges of lightening aeronautical components and structures.
  • World-class test benches have been developed in partnership with Safran. They improve understanding and modeling of the phenomena encountered in the operation of aircraft engine seals, qualify technologies, and evaluate components.

These examples illustrate Cetim’s mission as a technical centre at the service of mechanical industries and for industrial sectors. It is about identifying technologies, evaluating them, developing innovative solutions for their implementation on an industrial scale and transferring its results to companies.

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