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FAN 2022 International Conference on June 27 to 29, 2022


Organized by CETIAT and CETIM, FAN 2022 will take place in Senlis on June 27 to 29, 2022. FAN 2022 is an International Conference on Fan Noise, Fan Aerodynamics, Fan Applications and Systems.

FAN 2022 offers 3 days of technical presentations, keynotes and panel sessions as well as an exhibition that welcomed more than 300 participants from around the world during its last edition.

A real forum for designers, manufacturers and users of fans and systems, this event aims to improve our understanding of the sector, to discuss its challenges and its main developments.

The Fan 2022 conference will be divided into three distinct but complementary parts:

1. Fan applications and systems

Compliance with laws and regulations, harmonization of fan standards around the world, connectivity technologies, associated digital services and business models, predictive maintenance, operation and maintenance considerations, motors and drives, fans specialized for different applications, upgrading and modernization of existing fan installations, effect of fan systems, energy-related topics, case studies (e.g. tunnel ventilation), improvement of the sizing / choice of ventilators

2. Fan noise

Mechanisms of aerodynamic fan noise generation, structural noise, transmission of dynamic forces, experimental methods of characterization of noise sources, localization of noise sources, design of low noise fans, noise prediction by analytical models / digital, optimization of the installation of fans to reduce noise, psycho-acoustics and sound quality.

3. Aerodynamics of the fans

Development of analysis and calculation methods, validation and verification, application of analysis and calculation methods for the analysis, design and optimization of fans, aerodynamic loss physics, inverted design, unsteady simulations by computational fluid mechanics (CFD), with the LES method and the hybrid RANS / LES method, design of fans for better efficiency, impact of emerging technologies on the design of fans, experimental methods of analysis and design of fans.

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