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Cetim experts invite to speak at SATEC 2022

SATEC 2022

In conjunction with the 2022 Singapore Airshow, the 10th edition of the Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC) will be jointly organised by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Air Engineering and Logistic Department (AELD) and the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers (SIAE) on Wednesday, 16 February 2022. The biennial conference provides a platform for researchers and engineers from both academia and industry to present and discuss key developments and advancements in aerospace technology and engineering.

For this 10th edition, Cetim experts are invited to speak during the “Green Session” to present Cetim vision about sustainable aircraft of new generation. The opportunity for the Technical Centre of Mechanical Industry to present several applications of thermoplastics composites technologies. This conference is led by Vincent Caulet, Global Aeronautics & Automotive Market Manager and Jérémy Viale in charge of the Hydrogen partnership.

SATEC 2022 will not only serve as an excellent platform for researches, academics and aerospace engineers to present their research and discuss new advances in the areas of aerospace technology, but will also offer opportunities for the establishment of networks among influential aerospace industry professionals.

For more information, to attend (online or on site) please visit the SATEC Web Site, here !

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