Cetim commissioned to carry out diagnosis of a giant drain valve


In connection with the in-depth examination of the Génissiat dam drain valve, Tractebel called on Cetim to carry out non-destructive tests requiring expertise in various types of inspections and specialised measurement and analysis equipment.


The Génissiat dam (01 – France) was built over the Rhône River in 1948 and recently underwent large-scale renovation works by its operator CNR. Significant attention was focused on the drain valve, whose gate leaf alone weighs 40 tons. The studies and technical specifications for the work relating to the drain valve were entrusted to Tractebel, which commissioned Cetim to carry out the inspections serving to assess its condition as well as that of the metal pipeline located downstream and upstream.


Cetim boasts many inspection processes required for the diagnosis of dam equipment. It leverages on the combined skills of its specialised experts to draw up and implement the optimum inspection strategy.

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