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Cetim Cobra: new version of the powerful solution for bolted & secured joint analysis


The new version of Cetim Cobra, the world leader for bolted joint design and failure analysis has been released!

This 6.4 version of the software developed by Cetim’s experts to design, dimension and optimise the behaviour of bolted joints features three major developments. Firstly, with a simple click on a threaded part, this update allows the user to design threaded inserts as well as inserts with and without shoulder. Cetim Cobra therefore automatically calculates the failure load of the bolt thread, the threaded part and the insert.

More powerful wizards
The assistance features of version 6.4 have also been upgraded. One such example is the “estimation of the tightening torque” wizard which offers a clearer display and makes it possible to select the torque from amongst a list of standard torques. The tightening torques as per NFE 25030-1 have also been updated to comply with the latest applicable version of the standard. The “external loads” wizard has now been made available for cylindrical geometries and prismatic shapes. The user can therefore define a load in a multi-fastener configuration and the wizard estimates the resulting loading for the single-fastener project that will be calculated in Cetim Cobra. With this tool , it will be easy to identify the most loaded fastener and then focus on this connection.
Other new features of version 6.4 include the possibility to display the contact surfaces between the parts and the shear areas in the threads, the integration of the UNJ threads and a better consideration of stresses in a situation of undertightening or overtightening of the bolts.

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About Cetim Cobra
Widely used in the industry, Cetim Cobra address complex bolted and screwed joints with critical safety and security issues. Many companies in the oil and gas, petro-chemical, agriculture, construction and transportation industry use it to design and analyse heavy duty and dynamic assemblies. In contrast to manual calculations and verifications, which can take several days to complete, with Cetim Cobra even complex assemblies are resolved in around 30 minutes. The extensive capabilities of this solution reflect the expertise and experience of Cetim in the mechanical engineering sector. Working in conjunction with a wide range of partners in industry and science, Cetim is committed to R&D that cuts across boundaries, in both national and international domains.

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