Metal Additive Manufacturing :
a comprehensive package to build a resilient industrial strategy

Secure the supply chain, accelerate go-to-market and manufacture critical components…. additive manufacturing is a core driver of industrial resilience.
It has continued to yield new applications and delivers effective solutions for emergency situations through its high flexibility and suitability for medium batch production.

Cetim provides you with tailored support and solutions on the entire value chain from the feasibility study through to mass production:

  • Identify the benefits of technology for your business
  • Manufacture your first parts
  • Integrate additive manufacturing within your company  (technology, competencies)
  • Qualify your products



Whatever is your ambition, your project, your maturity level, Cetim delivers pragmatic solutions focused on your goals and based on its product /process business expertise:

  • Diagnosis:
    analysis of the relevance of this technology in your field of application, state of the art, customized study of technical & economic feasibility : your part / the material chosen / number of produced parts.
  • Parts Design or redesign to make the most of the technology:
    assembly and topological optimization of shapes, weight reduction, optimization of surfaces (lattice structures …), functional gains, and study of new materials optimized according to function and application.
  • Evaluation of the considered solution:
    risks, adaptation costs and return on investment analysis.
  • Testing and validation:
    development of the technological solutions, assistance in the choice of powders, prototype manufacturing, Proofs of Concept (PoC) on our platforms in order to master technologies and digital chain.
  • Materials and parts characterization:
    advanced non-destructive testing, testing methodology, dynamic and static tests, …
  • Assistance to project management and integration of new means in your environment:
    assistance with the drafting of specifications, taking into account regulatory constraints (hygiene and environmental health, building codes, standardization, etc.) and choice of equipment, treatment, finishing, control, cleaning.
  • Change management and skills transfer:
    assistance for the setting-up and production kick off, organization of production, training plan and knowledge management through Cetim Academy® training programmes.



  • French leader of metallic additive manufacturing with a central role in technology development projects
  •  Independent multi-sector expertise of over 50 years spanning all metallic processes and materials
  •   Matchless R&D capabilities via our involvement in cross-cutting projects (AFH, I3D, Luppiam) with the aim of knocking down technological barriers and standardising innovative processes (Metal binder jetting, MELD, etc.)
  •  Shared technological platforms to validate your POCs and secure your investments
  • 5,000 m2 of unparalleled manufacturing and testing resources (digitisation and 3D simulation, topological optimisation, suitable post-processing and finishing resources, tomography, etc.)
  • Participation in  international standard development organisations
  • Unequalled continuing education solutions in Europe offered by
    Cetim Academy® training programmes

With Cetim, you save time, secure your investments and you are tackling innovative technologies !

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