For a tailored approach to IIoT

Real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, digital traceability, optimized availability and service life of equipment/infrastructure, smart and connected products…. , Cetim makes your data  your added value.


Imagine the service and the value

  • Customised assistance from the statement of requirements to the expected benefits as part of our IIoT approach:
    identify uses with high added value in line with your company strategy!
  • Needs assessment:
    diagnosis, business audits, proof of value, support scope
  • Risk elimination and specifications:
    FMECA, systems engineering
  • Financial and partnership-based engineering:
    solutions and partners identification, project coordination & IP

 Create the connected object

More than just merely a digital approach, Cetim’s business expertise in products/processes can help you to identify or create relevant data and to collect the appropriate amount using existing or specifically developed solutions:

  • Measurement and instrumentation strategy:
    business-specific selectivity of the data to be collected, modelled, sensors
  • Collection and analysis strategy:
    integration of sensors, signal/image calculation, Edge/embedded computing
  • Connectivity and storage strategy:
    creation of the appropriate connectivity, creation of the IS infrastructure, cybersecurity

Create the data warehouse and its intelligence

Ability to format and qualify data using multiphysical modelling in order to develop decision-making/action algorithms:

  • Data management:
    data conversion and clean-up, data interfacing, architecturing and consolidation
  • Data analytics:
    indicators, classification, business-oriented AI strategy, data visualisation

 Create and provide the service and the value

Structured implementation from the POC to industrial production via an incremental approach for enhanced efficiency and safe operation:

  • Materialise:
    POC, prototype, training/transfer
  • Industrialise:
    specifications, development, validation, production
  • 70 internal specialists with expertise over the entire IIoT value chain: business consulting and strategy, physical and digital development of solutions
  • Technological platforms to carry out testing and experiment with a wide range of solutions
  • Proven methodologies and solutions that meet the challenges of both SMEs and large groups
  • Specific Cetim Academy® training programmes over the entire IIoT value chain to make your staff operational

Trace, act and predict thanks to Cetim’s industry knowledge of products, processes and data !
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