A custom-made test bench for new type of turbine


A high level of disponibility of equipments + Reduction of Opex & Capex + Innovation


Operational Performance

Customer needs

Assessment and validation of the performance of an electric turbine with respect to the performance expected after manufacture. The objective was to implement an experimental system that is as representative of the future operating conditions of the device as possible.

Customer benefits

Acquisition of two-fold expertise (mechanical engineering and hydraulics) allowing the customer to carry out new full-scale experiments. Access to an innovative testing device in order to meet a complex requirement (testing in multiphase flow regimes).

Cetim answer

After the turbine was manufactured and machined, Cetim designed and made a specific test bench to assess the turbine’s performance at different fluid flow rates. The facility made it possible to apply and observe a wide range of multiphase flow regimes and to validate the performance of the device under conditions that were as similar to the real‑life operating conditions as possible.

Delivered results

Cetim measured the energy produced by the turbine in a wide range of fluid flow regimes and at different rotational speeds. The results allowed TotalEnergies to validate their device, which was still in the design stage.