Optimisation by multiphysics simulation




Expertise & Innovation for technical, regulatory and environmental constraints

Customer needs

Additional fluid simulation expertise in connection with the development of one of its products: a compressed air impulsive source for geophysical exploration of the ocean floor. The aim is to adjust a numerical model to its experimental data so as to understand the physics at work in impulsive sources and thereby improve its next version.

Customer benefits

Access to qualified professionals with multi-physical modelling expertise (fluid mechanics, acoustics) and to calculation equipment (hardware and software) that can be used to develop 3D simulation tools, all this at an affordable price.

Cetim answer

Two development phases were implemented. Firstly a numerical model of the Sercel G-source was established. This model applied fluid physics (water and air) and acoustics to predict the behaviour of a given system. Then a study was carried out, based on the model, to improve the operation of the product.

Delivered results

Cetim proposed designs suited to reducing the product’s frequency bands. The results were incorporated into the Sercel 1D model and helped to speed up the development phase of its new G-Source model.