Product optimization through 3D scanning


A high level of disponibility of equipments + Reduction of Opex & Capex + Innovation


Operational Performance

Customer needs

In order to the optimization of its drill heads, Varel Europe wishes to evaluate the impact of the position of the cutting elements on their drill head performance in order to consider the possible implementation of production controls

Customer benefits

Access to 3D digitization and redesign of parts of all materials without dimensional limits

Cetim answer

Development of the theoretical model by 3D digitization of the trepanes (from 120 to 660 mm). Eight drill heads of various sizes were scanned with an optical system using cameras

Comparison between the numerical model of each drill head actually produced with the theoretical design model

Delivered results

Color mapping indicating dimensional deviations from the theoretical and 3D models reproducing the actual shape of each cutting element of the drill heads