Acoustic emissions: monitoring of composite rings


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Customer needs

Carry out non-destructive testing of large composite rings in connection with compression and relaxation tests. Receive additional information on the changes to developing defects inside the material. Acquire a reproducible experimental approach once the structures are in service.

Customer benefits

Real-time and remote monitoring by Cetim’s experts. The customer is provided with know-how and expertise in acoustics emission and composite materials that is flexible and suited to the constraints of the customer’s own tests.

Cetim answer

After several meetings and visits with the customer, Cetim proposed a tailored experimental device. Sensors secured to the surface of the rings recorded the acoustic emission signals although they were subject to significant tensile stresses. Cetim also developed a filtering system to eliminate spurious noise emitted by the test machine.

Delivered results

The acoustic emission analyses carried out by Cetim detected no developing defect within the structures. These tests served to confirm the sound manufacture of the ring to the sponsor.