Optimised cooling systems with AFT/Fathom


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Modeling & Simulation

Customer needs

Cegelec CEM wants to optimise its design process by using a software platform that would allow to perform the hydraulic balancing of cooling systems implemented in nuclear plants.

Customer benefits

Improved efficiency and productivity by replacing Cegelec CEM’s qualified calculation tools, less suited to this specific situation, with a homogenous software specifically developed for the design of fluid networks and pipes.

Cetim answer

Demonstration of the advanced AFT/Fathom software potential to calculate pressure drops in incompressible fluid piping networks.

Technical support and assistance during testing of the software on a cooling system portion under development.

Delivered results

Cegelec CEM is now in a position to assess the pressure drops in cooling systems and to determine the main characteristics of the pumps and control components. An optional automatic iteration calculation module accelerates the system parameter determination process, thus making it possible to reach the specified objectives, namely regarding pressure and flow.