Produce a composite front beam with automotive production rates


Emission reduction


Green automotive & e-mobility

Bernard Hugot — SNOP, Process Innovation Manager

This project was carried out in close coordination with Cetim and enabled us to increase our skils in composite materials

Customer needs

  • Assess the possibilities of using composite materials for automotive beam with its sector’s contraints
  • Reduce the front beam’s weight by up to 25%
  • Hold on all the mechanical features required by automotive standards
  • Reach high-rate and low-cost production for composites parts

Customer benefits

  • A shared experience allowing to be at the leading edge of the composite innovation
  • Access to expertise to sucessfully carry through industrial project involving composite materials
  • Complete design review of the sub-system with composite materials
  • One unique part instead of multi parts assembly
  • Realized manufacturing using QSP process

Cetim answer

  • Complete design review using composites materials
  • Finite element simulation
  • Fixtures and inserts integration
  • Multi layer conception and Thermoplastic insert
  • TP tape pultrusion using basic material
  • Patch cutting & preform assembly
  • QSP (Quilted Stratum Process) used process set-up

Delivered results

  • Positive complete POC of a vehicule component lightweighting (design & manufacturing) based on QSP process
  • Mass reduction : 30%
  • Higher rigidity
  • Cost : 10 € / unit for a 300,000 / year production