Meet Cetim at the SIA POWERTRAIN international conference, Booth N°45, June 19-20 in Lille, France.

The need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is driving an unprecedented transformation of the automotive industry. Powertrain technologies are essential to support this transformation, while responding to changing mobility needs and cost constraints.

Against this backdrop, the 36th SIA POWERTRAIN will bring together all the players in the automotive industry over two days to address major questions such as: where does energy come from, and how can it be used as efficiently as possible? What role will new technologies play in tomorrow’s vehicles? How do technological transformations translate into mechanical engineering? What about access to raw materials? Can recycling be a solution, and what about the environmental footprint? How is mobility use evolving in different parts of the world, and how can we keep it affordable? And how can we make the most of the current fleet of vehicles and get them to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions?

Meet Cetim, a major player in R&D and technological engineering, at the service of decarbonizing mobility

As a long-standing partner of automotive manufacturers, Cetim will be presenting its solutions and initiatives to support the sector’s technological transition towards Sustainable and Decarbonized Mobility, and more specifically, its support program dedicated to mechanical transformations linked to the electrification of means of transport.

Cetim’s services and solutions cover all the needs of manufacturers to support their transformation, from the design of components for different types of vehicle (cars, trucks, special vehicles, coaches, etc.) to their validation, including training for manufacturers:

  • Eco Design
  • Design and validation of electric powertrain systems and components
  • Design and qualification of on-board fluid systems for hydrogen (thermoplastic tanks, valves, fittings, pipes, pumps)
  • Cleanliness of parts and components
  • Validation of thermal management systems via multiphysical testing
  • Optimization of costs and lead times thanks to intelligent testing, correlation between simulation and physical testing
  • Optimized on-board comfort thanks to our integrated NVH solutions
  • Manufacturing excellence through state-of-the-art technologies: additive manufacturing, advanced machining, composites, collaborative robotics, etc.
  • Skills enhancement for your staff with over 500 Cetim Academy® training courses

Focus on vehicle electrification

Discover the program developed by our experts to support automakers and equipment manufacturers in the electrification of mobility, in order to achieve the decarbonization objectives of Net Zero by 2050, and FIT FOR 55 (-55% by 2030).

With over 10 years’ expertise in the electrification of mobility, Cetim offers manufacturers solutions and services covering the entire electrification value chain, from the characterization of new materials, to the qualification of components (bearings, gearboxes, electric motors) in these new performance regimes (>10,000 rpm; 250Nm), not forgetting vehicle conversion and the validation of off-road machines on scale 1 power benches.

Focus on HyMEET, Cetim’s strategic Hydrogen program

Illustrating Cetim’s commitment to the challenges associated with the ecological transition, and directly linked to the France 2030 plan, the HyMEET (Hydrogen Materials and Equipments Engineering and Testing) strategic project aims to support the mechanical engineering professions, their customers and the entire industry in meeting the technological and economic challenges to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the hydrogen market. On its stand, Cetim will be showcasing its solutions covering the entire value chain of the industry: production, storage, transport, distribution and end-use. HyMEET combines an ambitious R&D program with a €25 million investment in test facilities and characterization and validation platforms, as well as consulting and training programs. It already mobilizes more than 100 employees and draws on Cetim’s 60 years of experience and multidisciplinary expertise, notably in sealing, embrittlement and permeability of materials, fatigue of components, cleanliness, as well as in manufacturing, forming and assembly processes.

Unable to attend the SIA POWERTRAIN conference?

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