Reduce costs enhanced quality of components to offer innovative design


Increase of delivery over the coming years — Ramp up & Digitalization


Industrial performance & efficiency

Customer needs

  • Reduce the number of assembled parts in order to streamline design
  • Lessen manufacturing time by reducing bottlenecks
  • Optimise the flow of fluids
  • Lighten the servocontrol body

Customer benefits

  • Validation of design with V0 and polyamide prototype
  • Weight reduction by 13% with V1
  • Weight reduction by 25% with V2
  • Elimination of bottlenecks, optimisation of flows
  • Elimination of 5 assembled parts
  • Improvement of machining cycle time by 32%

Cetim answer

  • Use the Cetim additive manufacturing know-how to redesign the parts
  • Distribute functions to lessen the number of machinings
  • Use of optimisation and calculation to place material only where necessary
  • Make a prototype from PA 2200 to validate design
  • Make a POC from AlSi10Mg

Delivered results