QSP® is put to test in the aeronautics sector


Aircrafts and Launchers of tomorrow – Green Aircrafts  + 4.0


Innovative design for the Green Aircraft

Customer needs

To prove that it is possible to make composite parts for the aeronautics sector at production rates and cost levels and compatible with series production.

Customer benefits

Obtain “Net Shape” parts right from the thermostamping step without finishing operation. The parts made can be instrumented so that material health monitoring can be performed during their service life.

Cetim answer

Within the Sherloc European project (Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), Manufacturing and Repair Technologies for Life Management of Composite Fuselage), Cetim was selected in 2017 to design and produce five demonstrators of aircraft window frame, made of PEEK and carbon fibre, and skin fuse-lage assemblies which will be bench tested during SHM campaigns.

Delivered results

Cetim optimised the design of these components and developed the manufacturing process using Cetim’s high-speed thermostamping process, named Quilted Stratum Process (QSP).