Assessment and validation of tightening procedures


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Customer needs

Characterise the bolted joints of landing gear wheels and brakes. Determine, through tests on representative components of the joints, the curve connecting the applied tightening torque and the resulting clamp force in the bolt in order to define the appropriate torque range.

Customer benefits

Take advantage of tightening test equipment covering a torque range from 0.1 to 10,000 N/m. Determine the real characteristics of joints featuring bolts ranging from 0.7 mm to 42 mm in diameter.

Cetim answer

Performance of tests on a broad range of joints with various bolts, backing plates, coatings, greases, etc. Interpretation of measurements carried out in a laboratory or on real equipment to determine the optimum torque range.

Delivered results

The test campaigns on various types of joints carried out in a laboratory make it possible to characterise the torque / clamp force relationship and to determine the torque range that meets the design office requirements. The test results are validated by on-site measurements on real equipment.