Develop productivity on small series thanks to a well-driven robotization


Manufacturing & operating costs reductions +  Resilience enhancement + 4.0


Factory of the future

Customer needs

To robotise its workshops, in particular the loading of machining centers to assign its operators to value-added tasks. And to do this in a “small series” production context.

Customer benefits

Kalistrut obtained confirmation quickly and objectively that an investment could be relevant and profitable and today the company invests in a similar equipment to that of Cetim’s.

Cetim answer

To test and validate the advantages of robotisation, Cetim CRFM (robotised testing platform) was made available for a period of 2 months of production, with the intervention of our integrating partner as a first step.

Delivered results

The CRFM platform has allowed Kalistrut to train and understand all integration constraints. The interest of robotisation has been demonstrated concretely.