IloT In tightening solutions


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Customer needs

Ensuring that the nuts are tightened correctly at any time and without contact, especially for the aeronautic application

Customer benefits

Access to a center of excellence in mechatronics technologies with dedicated and recognized human and technical resources

A unique partner from the functional analysis of the customer’s needs and the construction of the specifications until the support of the industrialization.

Cetim answer

Support in the development of a connected washer thanks to its expertise in mechatronics :

Support in the integration of strain gauges and electronics into the washer

Delivered results

Development of a first connected washer and its scanner (marketed in 2020) allowing to :

– Ensure that the nuts are properly tightened thanks to an axial tension measured by the device

– Know the wrong tightening on the same engine by scanning every nut equipped

In the end, this technology could be integrated into nuts and borescope plugs


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