Control the cleanliness of the parts


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Christel Vernizeau — Eaton, Manufacturing Methods Manager

We have learned thanks to Cetim. The action implemented rapidly yielded fruitful results : in two months, our parts complied with our customer's cleanliness requirements and since then, we have not found any noncomformities

Customer needs

Guarantee the particulate cleanliness of seals used in LEAP-1X engines. Compliance with the customer’s requirements, with counting of the particles present on the supplied parts.

Customer benefits

Implementation of a rationalised action plan making it possible to achieve the objectives for a fair cost and without excess quality.

The process enabled Eaton to provide parts that meet customer requirements in less than 2 months.

Eaton benefited from a global support thanks to the expertise and resources of Cetim, a COFRAC-accredited laboratory for particle measurement and cleanliness.

Cetim answer

Audit of the parts manufacturing, storage and assembling processes.

Analysis of the reports of the inspections carried out on the parts.

Training and awareness of teams.

Delivered results

Drawing up of a report listing all the actions which need to be gradually implemented.

The objective regarding the level of cleanliness of the seals was achieved in two months. Since then, not a single part has been found nonconforming with respect to the customer’s requirements.