Support in selecting and validating machining equipment


Manufacturing & operating costs reductions +  Resilience enhancement + 4.0


Resilience 4.0

Arnaud Coupard — ArianeGroup - Head of the facility's "industrial equipment-solid propulsion cluster" department

Cetim’s expertise in machining and machine-tool technology provided us with significant technical and operational support. Another advantage of this support is that we had only one single point of contact from the needs analysis stage until acceptance of the machines

Customer needs

With the new Ariane 6 launcher, ArianeGroup has to thoroughly overhaul its production equipment with a goal of cuting manufacturing costs in half and increasing production speeds
In particular, they needed support in choosing two items of machining equipment, selecting a supplier and supervising the production of these items of equipment until their acceptance

Customer benefits

A global expert support (simulation, machining, composites and aeronautics specifications) all along the project to take up ramp up challenge and enure robustness

Cetim answer

Project management assistance to choose the supplier of two vertical lathes used to produce the large-sized composite parts (technical specifications drafting, consultation of potential suppliers) and to monitore the equipment production.

Delivered results

  • Drawing up consultation specifications
  • Consultation of fifteen potential suppliers worldwide
  • Creation of a 3D virtual machine for each lathe to check, via simulation, the absence of collision between the part, the tools and the cutting tools, before any machining.